About Us

The lighthouse (symbol) distinguishes our subdivision from others in Southfield.  The lighthouse ties together some early American History tracing back to early colonial New England, and suggest that the Developer of our subdivision had a strong Knowledge of American History because many of the street names derive directly from colonial New England or historic figures, such as William Bradford, a passenger on the Mayflower, who later served as the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for 30 years.  Concord Street resonates in American History because the first battle of the Revolutionary War occurred there on April 19, 1775 when the Minutemen fired on British Troops (the Redcoats) and chased them back to Boston.  Dartmouth Street and Harvard Street are named after Harvard University and Dartmouth College, two (2) Ivy League Universities which were founded during colonial times.  Charles Drive and Charles Court are in keeping with the New England flavor of our subdivision because both were probably named after the Charles River that is to the Boston area, as the Detroit River is to SE Michigan.
Beacon Square was incorporated in 1963 as a subdivision containing Evergreen Glen1, Evergreen Glen2 and Evergreen Glen3.  The subdivision is located in the beautiful city of Southfield, Michigan.  The Beacon Square subdivision is one of Southfield’s most desirable subdivisions.  The Association was founded in 1963 to enforce covenants governing the use of Beacon Square lots.  The Beacon Square Homeowners Association represents homeowners’ concerns to government, maintains the landscaping and signage at the entrances, the islands and cul-de-sacs and help foster community spirit.  The Beacon Square Homeowners Association is analogous to a city council and operates in the spirit of self-governance that is a hallmark of American democracy.  The mission of the Beacon Square Homeowners Association is to provide quality services that meet and evolve with the needs of the community. 
Beacon Square Homeowners Association is comprised of 9 volunteer board members.  They volunteer to help maintain the quality of life in the subdivision, help enforce city codes, ordinances, and interact with the City of Southfield departments for the betterment of our community.
Beacon Square has had the same number of homes since its beginning.  The subdivision has recently grown from 491 to 497 beautiful homes.  Beacon Square is the only subdivision that provides college scholarships to deserving resident students.   Our modest scholarship has assisted residents earn degrees from Wayne State, Michigan State, University of Michigan, Hampton University, Winston Salem State University, North Carolina Central University, Western Michigan, and others.  One of the largest subdivisions in the City of Southfield, Beacon Square is a diverse and tolerant community, which is adjacent to houses of worships for all faiths, quiet and winding streets, and great housing stock, that has preserved and increased the value of homes.